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Is Pay Per Click (Google AdWords) Right for Your Business?

Pay Per Click (Google AdWords) is a powerful online marketing (lead generation) tool, and vital for most businesses trying to receive strong quality leads online. For some, it’s all that is needed, and for other businesses it’s only a part of their overall online marketing strategy. Google Paid Search done correctly it can bring sales to a level you never would have thought possible.

As we have said before, we specialize and absolutely excel in Pay Per Click (PPC) every individual in our business has a Google partnership and is fully certified. We possibly have the best team in our industry and look forward to working with you and showing you the strength of marketing your business online by driving relevant traffic to your website. Whether you are a Google Paid Search expert, or you are only starting to consider Pay Per Click for the first time, Contact us today and we can assure you professional advice. Proper AdWords management is the difference between success and failure, running a Google AdWords campaign through an inexperienced agency can cost you a lot of money and aggravation, we see this on a daily basis in our industry unfortunately, You have to remember Google Paid Search


SEO And AdWords

SEO is a method that makes your website content relevant to search engines. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation helps to rank your website higher in the organic or natural search results. By optimizing your website, search engines see your site as the most relevant in accordance to the search query and put your site in top spots on the natural search results.

AdWords on the other hand, is advertising that makes it possible for you to place your advertisement on the top or right hand side of Google and their affiliate websites through paid search (A kind of pre-paid result). You can target specific keywords or phrases and display your offerings every time they search as long as you have budget left. It is much like needing airtime for your cellphone, you would buy airtime, load it and only once you make a call does the amount start to deplete, once someone clicks on your advert your budget will start to deplete, once depleted your advert will disappear until it is “topped up” having a professional agency like Boost Digital manage your Google AdWords campaign can great increase your quality score, reducing the cost per click and keeping your advert up for longer.

Google Adwords is a key part of any online marketing strategy as the returns are instant. We run a keyword analysis on your industry by assessing your competitors and Google’s recommended keyword idea’s to make sure you appear for your most valuable products and or services.

Simple right !!

If you have a look below you will find the difference between Google AdWords (Google  Paid Search) and Search Engine Optimisation:

Search Engine Optimization

ROI BY 500%